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Canadian Pink Granite

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Canadian Pink Granite is part of the vast Canadian Shield-Precambrian rock that was the first part of the North American continent to be permanently raised above sea level.

Bahama Blue Granite

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Bahama Blue Granite is quarried in India. It also sometimes called Bahamian Blue Granite, Blue Bahama Granite, Srikakulam Blue Granite .

Dark Barre Gray

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Dark Barre Gray is a fine granite, composed of quartz, feldspar, and mica. The mica is both muscovite and biotite. The granite is mined at the E. L. Smith Quarry, the world’s largest “deep hole” granite quarry

Gem Mist

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Our Gem Mist has a unique and memorable color.

Red Granite

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India Red Granite has a fantastic color that stands out from many of the stones in a cemetery. Golden engraving is usually used on this granite color to make the inscription pop.

Mahogany Granite

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Our Dakota Mahogany Granite really makes an impact with brown, red and gold colors make this granite stand out and creates a unique appearance